A point echoed in O’Malley’s Philosophy of Microbiology. Have you read? If not I highly recommend.
Daniel DeMarco

I am curious to get your take on how this might be achieved?

It will be attempted. It is being attempted. I agree there will be very unpleasant results especially since I don’t think we are anywhere close to an understanding of all the interactions between ourselves and our environment . In the end it may lead to our extinction. That’s what I meant by..

from the time of ability

being able and being skilled enough… Trial and error is a bad way to self evolve I believe. Generally speaking this is how we become skilled (trial and error).

Because of our intelligence mankind has arguably almost completed removed itself from evolution’s influence.

I don’t really believe this (I say believe because when talking about the future no one can truly know). Do you really think we are the end of an evolutionary path ? Because if you do then self evolution is the only door way out of that box. I don’t think we can engineer our environment to adapt to ourselves. That’s moving the mountain to Mohammed. Do you think we can create micro environments that allow us to leave our planet without part of that process involving changing our biology?

Finally, to what purpose do you propose these planned evolutionary experiments be conducted? The betterment of mankind perhaps? Who defines better? One could argue that a forced genetic engineering program that targeted all fetuses and whose goal was to eliminate all primarily gene mutation driven disabilities would be for the betterment of mankind. The pregnant woman who is forced to submit might disagree.

Because we have the ability, somewhere it will happen. Every tool can be misused and I can’t think of one that hasn’t been. Betterment is subjective and force is used all the time to make people do things they do not agree with. I don’t propose we do but someone has and will. Inevitability has time on it’s side.

There are many books dedicated to the subject of unnatural selection from real life horror stories of the Nazi Holocaust to science fiction and thousands of op-ed pieces.

My reference to adapt with a purpose is a reference to not only adapting to planetary changes that will eventually happen too quickly for natural evolution to handle (as 95% or so of the species that have existed can attest to), but also adapting to environments that exist outside our planet. Yes I know that a portion of those extinct species were a result of evolutionary natural deselection.

What I did neglect to mention was viral vectoring , epigenetic alteration and man made compounds influence. All of these are only partially understood also.

THX for the book reference. I went to Boston University in the early 70s but never finished (life got in the way). I have been trying to keep up without guidance since.

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