FYI. Also, I love trains.
Mary Holden

My dad worked for Western Electric too. Has patent for wave flow solder among others. Replacing 300,000 workers sitting at stations hand soldering components into circuit boards. That was the first time I heard the phrase creative destruction. He didn’t drink or smoke and honest to g-d I never heard him swear. He fought in South Pacific in WWII against Japan and when ATT sold the rights to Japanese Companies he flipped out..still didn’t swear. I can never live up so…anyway when I lived in Boston area and got real down I would jump on the T and ride around talking to strangers. I would just switch lines aimlessly for hours till I felt better.

My great uncle was a scheduler for B and M. when I was 5 -8 yrs we visited him. I was amazed. He had a grand house in Waltham, Mass with hundreds of clocks all chiming and ticking. He was retired by then and would tell stories of trains and mishaps while periodically pulling out a pocket watch and checking the time.

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