Garden 2017 Concept Sketches
Tim Boucher

My only comments are check fungal infections that may present especially if using compost ( you can pretest ) and insects can also spread them ( see what insects you have in your area and don’t plant close to wetlands ). If you get fungal infections there are chem free ways to hold them in check. This is old school stuff so check any old school books out there. There are “lost” skills because of increased reliance on chemical “fixes”. Some crops need to be rotated if you don’t want to destroy soil composition. Magic square rotation is the best for those. Berries need nets or you’ll be feeding the birds ( unless that’s ok with you ). If the birds are ok pick some non edible berry plants to intersperse, that the birds would prefer to limit loss. Most of all have fun ( that means sometimes failure and solution ) Victory over gardening problems is exhilarating.