Worse than that, FBI stats show that 50% of all homicides and more than 50% of all violent crime is…
David Cearley

PTSD and criminal behavior,substance abuse have strong statistical correlation across racial populations. Just short of causation in statistical terms. The data is difficult to disseminate because there is mental health information that must be specific and the mental health system is stymied by stigma and a poor infrastructure..compared to the physical health system. Behavioral epigenitics is in its infancy. You can write a R-language type statistical model and use government statistical data from many data bases using data points collected to see correlation but causation is difficult because epigenetic change can present behavioral change over multiple generations ..up to 4–5 generations where direct individual experience is not presented. Culture may be responsible but statistical models don’t indicate causation and far less correlation than PTSD. Racial differences present on the surface correlation. You know how this all works in science and by the way you attack climate change statistical models I know you know. There’s an old saying I don’t have to repeat. Numbers by themselves do not correctly present reality. Political party nonsense presents what they want people to see to garner votes…on both sides of the aisle.

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