Are you saying that there’s no such thing as an unstable democracy?
Nathan Eyre

As others have noted, the U.S. has never been a true democracy, with systems in place to (hopefully) protect the people from themselves, from the tyranny of the majority. It’s not as simple as winning the popular vote, which was a rude awakening for many Americans in our most recent elections. Despite its imperfections, our system of government has withstood the test of time and served us well since the founding of our nation.

The self same argument between Adams, Jefferson and Franklin in the drafting of the Declaration of Independence that after many revisions became what Dunlap printed at the bequest John Hancock. The 3 pence proclamation that changed the European world at the time. This was Adams position and why he expressed sincere doubts. Doubts that were used by Hamilton to force his hand in the Alien and Sedition Act which he opposed but used in order to postpone war with France.

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