The Problem Of Evolution In A Simulated Universe
Daniel DeMarco

warning ..antidote on randomness

Joe travels down a 12-mile section of the highway south of Monterey, from Ragged Point to Gorda, Calif. every day in his commute. On one particular day he stops on the side of the road to phone his wife because he left something at home that could be considered trash and he wants her to make sure she doesn’t toss it. While he’s dialing a large boulder about 500 yds up the road falls from the hill on his passenger side and along with the boulder a land slide. If he had not stopped he would have been buried under a pile of rock and dirt and he would have surely died. From that day on he stops at exactly the same point in his commute and calls his wife and tells her he loves her. Then one day he stops as usual but this time a large boulder crashes down on his car and kills him. If he had kept driving…..