Too human

Why so quiet? It’s your turn. Step up. The people are all here now. That’s what you wanted right? Prayed for? Is or isn’t this the moment of truth or perhaps a lie in disguise?

It’s not that simple, my delay in action is a result of anticipated reaction. And I paused my course to make sure I don’t run into a mountain disguised as Olympus. Just because their are clouds does not mean the dream has come true. I will not be fooled into showing myself the imbecile.

Excuses again? That’s been the course of your life. A song you sing to yourself to sleep every night. You take a broken record and translated into a broken heart before it’s been played. But we’ll get to that some other time. Remember the time you would sit and stare at the clouds and day dream? And then the nightmares came and you act like it never happened. Are you ashamed of your mind?

What kind of question is that? Of course I’m ashamed, the thoughts that come through me should penetrate me to the wall of shame. Instead you think they should be displayed as art? A tapestry of pain and guilt mixed with grace.

Is there anything more human?

Most definitely not. But there lies the balance between heaven and earth a divine fingerprint shrouded with a corruptible hand.