Three reasons why cyclists should not pay road tax

Towards the end of 2016, an online petition launched calling for cyclists to pay for road tax and hold insurance in order to ride on British Roads, which has led to a huge debate among the cycling community.

The petition can be viewed here, it had been aimed at Prime Minister Theresa May and pleads for “cyclists to hold insurance and pay road tax to use public UK roads”, as evident by the petition’s URL on

Road bike stockists, Leisure Lakes Bikes details three key reasons why cyclists should not in fact, pay UK road Tax:

1. Road tax no longer exists in Britain

One argument which could also settle the debate before it has the change to develop — road tax does not exist in Britain. In Fact, it hasn’t for years.

Winston Churchill set the wheels in motions for road tax to be abolished across the country in 1926, was later achieved in 1937. Recently, More recently, motorists are required to pay a Vehicle Excise Duty (VED for short) and the maintenance and creation of roads in the Uk are paid for both general and local taxation schemes.

2. It would be a complete waste of time for cyclists to pay VED

When it comes to VED, the rates are broken down into bands and are based on a vehicles engine size or fuel type and co2 emissions — all dependant on the date the vehicle was register.

If you bring a standard road bike into the equation, then and the following will be recorded:

· Bikes don’t have engines

· Bikes don’t use fuel

· Bikes don’t emit Carbon Dioxide

In a result of these findings, VED to the cyclist for their bike would be £0 — the same rate applied to Band A motorists.

3. Cyclists pay their way in the maintenance of UK roads already.

One other matter to consider is that any money from the VED charge goes back into a central pot. This does not necessarily go back into looking after UK roads.

Money from these scheme will pay for the provision of public services. This can be the maintenance of the nation’s hospitals, train services or more importantly to this piece, the road network.

Of course, cyclists will pay both council tax and income tx in the same manner as everyone else in the UK