If there is anything that is behind my every success and every loss, that is my quite smile…
The smile which fails to laugh, the smile that every moment suffers…
A smile that does not know the meaning of itself,
A quite smile that has the potential to make the smiles quite…


It was a pleasant evening when I with my pretty beautiful wife “Jewels” had an opportunity against our works to have a cup of hot coffee at the coast. As the cup ended its slurps, the sun got settled stretching out its arms off tiredness. The site that we chose to have our joyous time was a bit threat to the others which were familiar to it. And as we were not, we kept on sitting there till the night kissed our feet. The same moment i just simply turned around to see why it was so silent as there was not even a feather to fly in that zone. I got up and asked Jewels to leave as we were not supposed to be there till that long.

I never thought that evil things would have ever existed on this land or ever will exist. So I just twisted off the keys of my car and we were off to the home sweet home. While we were on the lonely way I sensed that we two were not alone in the car but just let that flew off in the wind. The thing irritated me so much that I had no clue whether to sleep or not. The other day when I just got up having the face of my pretty life my wife in front of me, I was zestful with the excitements that I would face that day as the morning which consisted of her face in front of me, my day was just and simply amazing. But great lord the nature seemed to have planned to have my assassination on the same day. My mind was immediately changed like I had a huge fight with my wife, as she waved her hand to bid an adieu, I flew ignoring her.

Myself “James” was feeling completely changed that day. The way which seemed to be flowery and full of joy appeared to be like it was a way of mine to the place where the bones get crushed and the skin is eaten by the vultures. The whole day went to against what I thought in the morning. Seconds felt like boulders hitting on to my shoulders. I immediately took my half-day leave and rushed off to the nearest priest and as soon as I reached there, my hurry turned me to mute myself. Suddenly there came a voice, “Yes my son, how come you are here at this time of the day?” I was like there is someone who can harm me, kill me, criticize me or can even hurt me. I just tried to stay calm, pushed the priest off to the sofa and went away in a flash. I was not at all feeling human, but the moments did never try to hurt me or my sentiments.

Days and dates passed. My wife Jewels was worried about me, started consulting counsellors and priests about my weird behaviour, the unreality of mine, the ruining sacredness within me and every inhuman things that I started doing.

I had a colleague who was one of my best friends at my office. He was used to my behaviour, so the changes in it caused him much. as he was very superstitious and believed in every rituals he started asking me that whether I had any exorcism in myself, I just kept on ignoring him and the days passed. Vincent Xavier as the name was shared with me everything that he had within himself, each and everything whether it was a tiny or any major issue. HE expected the same from me too but I never came up to that. He had the ability to read minds and especially mine, asked me one fine day that was I facing any kind of problems. I had a clear NO in my reply, he agreed to that and started behaving with me like he was someone very close to me.

That evil thought in my mind was one day erupted as he forced me to tell him everything lovingly and peacefully. I had the thoughts in my mind that if I would say anything bad then he would feel hurted and if I say something truly good for him, he would feel I am joking. So I controlled my excitement and spoke something so much weird that through my talks he caught my intension to say so. I first time in my life lied to him, but just because I loved him truly. His place in my heart rapidly increased day by day. He never left me alone. His psychological manner of talk made me so much discomplexed that my life was onto a new era.

In a few memorable days my life started changing its colours. I was feeling much more secured than I was before. I just came in to my house, threw away my bag and hugged my love and kissed her so much passionately that she came to knew that I was struck by something evil and was cured. She gave me an assurance that the time she and his friend Vincent are alive, they wont let him happen anything.

I was laid on my bed with the blanket smelling roses. At the same moment I heard a voice saying, “It was not me stupid, it was you and your idiotic thoughts that complexly turned out to be an evil for you.”

Still trying to find out the path of that voice.
Voice from heavens or the voice from hell?

These few days made me teach me to live life truly with dependence and trust.
Trust the one you love the most and love the one you trust the most.

Never should one try to hide his happiness as they can be because of others too.
Never try to hide your sorrows as someone might have the key to that ugly lock.

Life is beautiful, have a glance through the eyes of trust…


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