Disliked Job = The Waste of Time + Nothing

It always does matter how hard you are trying to find a work to do at your workplace, from the morning till the evening, returning back home realizing that people around you had fruitful day, which again is NOT TRUE…

It never is a fault of oneself that he/she hasn’t worked, but thinking about how much worthy the day was to get you paid for it, makes a difference!

Generally, rather rarely do people like sitting idle at their desks, warming up their chairs and doing nothing. In fact, they never sit idle,

but some like me,
always prefer to jot down something like am doing right now :P

Freshers believe after a point of their stretch, that there is still a ray of hope present in their life, which may take them somewhere, make them earn their living. They simply fall for anything that comes their way, no matter what and no matter how!

People often ask themselves…

Do what? Are you serious?

They never have a thought, that the company they are into is chosen by themselves.

Again, not your fault!

What has made you sit? Are the people around you sitting idle too?

There are no ways for you to wonder what you are doing and what you aren’t. Sometimes the person sitting next to you is doing the same as you, the only difference is ‘your vision’.

And sometimes that’s how your frustration ruins your favorite white shirt.

The hilarious part is when you have nothing to do and your boss comes around tapping your back as to make you realize that he is still expecting a lot from you.

You then think, “Is this what he expects, me doing nothing?” This puts a lot of pressure on to your head managing the entire scenario and thinking that you have something still left within yourself to prove the world.

And then you start searching that ‘something’ and come out with the same face with which you went hunting…

Why is it always me?

When it’s you, trust me, ‘you are in the spotlight’! And make sure you have plenty of reasons to make it a positive one.

Being in the spotlight not always means that you are ‘amazing’. When you search for thousand reasons to make it a positive one, there are many others searching lakhs to make it go the other way.

Make sure, you do it! No matter if you know it or not, JUST DO IT!


Make your morning pretty clear about what should be done, because at the end of the day, all you do is ‘curse your morning for not being good’.

But, there is always a beautiful reason to make you realize,

That Yes, Shit Happens!

And that too, with a bang…

I don’t know which scene we are talking,

But that’s what the title says, “The Waste of Time + Nothing”

Cheers! To the wonders at your workplace :P
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