Planning to study abroad?

It’s always a question for an individual to pull up his socks for which country to opt for to study. Till the question is answered, either the age becomes the obstacle or something else.

As it’s a belief that, “Bad luck comes often, in every phase, in every page, but not a good luck.”

Let’s leave aside the “luck thing”, as it never favors until you make it yours! There is nothing that can take you apart from something that is meant for you, something for which you can give it all, something that can make you way above to what you actually think.

As long as you think you can, YOU CAN!


It matters if you just don’t give it up! 
Stephen Hawkings~
Your dreams to study abroad will surely be criticized, you will be called what not, by the ones who do not know the importance or the ones who are “the frog of a well” :P
There are always two phases of a coin. The people who always have stepped forward to criticize, welcome them, as their false steps are yours to success.

Decide where to go!

The very first thing you need to think is, “where to go”. Once you are done with deciding your destination, get to know about how that country can help you get educated in a best possible way.

Mind well, you are going to live there too. So better be aware of the surroundings, the culture that country possesses, people living there and the food habits that country has. Sometimes it’s all a mess when we not prepare our mindset for anything that can come up to us when we are at a place that is totally out of our imagination “until you know it well” ;)

People won’t make fun, though…

Learn your forte, this can actually make you recognise yourself. Try to understand that it’s their country, not yours. You are there just for the purpose of studying, rest will all be seen later!

Choose what to study?

It simply is an obvious thing that comes to your mind after you decide what to study. Peep into your collars and look at where you specialize within yourself. Whatever you see is the point what you got to choose when you plan for further studies.

Sometimes, there exists the whole world beneath your collars, so choose wisely! :P

Let that be your love for machines or the computing software, let that be a beat of a drum or a rhyme of a poem, let that be an event management or a surgical operation, you can get everything that you want to be into.

See to it that you choose the course ‘willingly’ and ‘wisely’

Consulting the ones who are close to you and have been an inspiration for you to study abroad in regards to the situations that you might or might not face during your stay there.

How much can that country support you?

How much can the country support you? It will always do, but to an extent, because at last it’s not the country you belong to.

Keep in mind…

Be something worthy of the country you want to be in before you ask something in return from it.

A country surely demands from you, in return for letting you stay in it. When it comes to the education you are taking from that country, it doesn’t really matter what and how you dedicate yourself to it.

Because it’s always a box of opportunities, wrapped with the efforts you are putting in for it…

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