The First volume to live your American dream!

Living an American dream is actually a dream that every dreamer dreams of!

People generally prefer migrating to a country which stays awake 24x7 and still reaches a peak where their own country has never been. People be patriots, but when it comes to their own self, it’s likely for them to get migrated. They earn, spend, save for themselves, but sometimes it all gets messed up. They don’t really want to live in what they are actually living in, just because they are dreamers who simply want to live an American dream.

American culture has always been enthusiastic, luring people from all over the globe to come and taste it once in their lifetime.

It’s all an American tango, thanks to Sir Columbus!


Being systematic, flexible and more of a fun, Americans often believe to “live in today, rather tomorrow”. The potential that the environment of the USA gives is over the top and encourages the people it has to live responsibly.

The people from abroad are with broad hands accepted in the United States. Every single person in the United States has a target to achieve every morning when they wake up.

As the great Uncle Sam said…

Well, that’s a lot about how Americans believe what they are and what we think it is to be in America, it’s always going to be a pleasant life wherever you go and be good at what you are.

Things to keep in mind when you plan to opt for America…

  1. Learn the culture, it’s America! People appreciate if you try to adjust yourself to their culture and try to “live an American dream”.
  2. Your eating habits are “subject to change” when you step into the US. It’s tough for the Indians to adapt the habits of America. To leave home the “curry” and have hands on “salads/pizzas/pasta”.
  3. Well, it’s not a country of “three seasons a year”. The winter can be the coldest and the summer can be the hottest to what you have experienced.
  4. Never think that if you are in America you won’t give a damn to your attire, as it matters the most. They judge a person with “what he/she wears”
  5. Make sure that the locality you are willing to live in is supporting you and your lifestyle, as even America is a bunch of traditions and cultures.
  6. Keep up with your expenses. America has a speciality of changing minds when it comes to spending money on few things that aren’t necessary for you :P

The US and Indian Education System

India and the USA differ widely when it comes to education. Vastly been known as the hub for education, America holds the major number of universities and colleges amongst the top around the globe.

The terminologies related to schools and colleges are different. For example, ‘colleges’ in India are referred to as ‘schools’ in America. People who live in the hopes of getting further educated in the United States, get ample opportunities when they are done with the courses that are required to get the education which the US gives.

University placements occur at fixed intervals with plenty of jobs in bag for the ones who are willing to get settled.

It’s not always the hard work that you do, but the “gains you get from the pains”, knowing that America is a country to be in!

It’s never easy to cherish a dream!

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