The second volume to live your American Dreams!

When they say it’s an American Dream, believe it…

It’s already been said that the path to your dreams is nasty but never impossible. It goes some way or the other to recollect the guts you have within yourself to even think of being a part of America if you are not.

They live to their fullest, work to their extremes and always carve their ways out to chill. Sports, wrestling, and many other things are been involved in their list of fun.

Desperate to rejoice, American work hard whole of the week, just to enjoy to the deepest in their weekends.

Domestic Life

The Domestic life of an average American is nothing but to work hard, so hard that the weekend can be enjoyed even harder. They simply believe in earn and spend.

All they do is to live in their today rather for their tomorrow.

They hardly think much, about themselves or any hip or happenings. For them, whatever it is, it’s their country and the state in which they are living into.

It has always been for them a rivalry to the other states. In the US, there is always a competition of the states among themselves, as if they are different countries. They, more than having their likes towards a different state, have ample amount of dislikes.

Apart from their lifestyle, all they need and are fond of is fast food. They live a life which moves at a lightening pace. They don’t give a damn to eating as well. Nothing should come between them and their tasks.

Western Music

Americans have music in their blood. Passionately they fall for any kind of music that can move them around. They can crank up to anything that gives a beat in a rhythm. The famous pop-star, Michael Jackson, is one of the biggest hits the Americans have given to this world.

And as it’s said,

Live life “Off The Wall”
A song by Michael Jackson~

All the Americans do is to not miss the concerts or the shows of their favorites whenever they are in town.

Music is something that they can’t live without. You can hardly find an American who is not fond of music, in every age group.

Conversion Units

Well, that’s a giant leap, I know, from something that is out of the box to something that is again really deep. But there can be variations in the ways of speaking of the people towards different things, especially the conversion units.

There are many terminologies that vary among the people of the USA and other countries.

So, sometimes it’s good to know into where you want to be and where you are willing to be!