Plan for Failure In Your Application Development

Are you afraid to fail? Do you beat yourself up when you do?

I say do the opposite.

Embrace the failure. Plan for the failure and plan it early.

Successful apps aren’t built because a lack of failed attempts. Successful apps are built because they failed often and then they learned from it. You will fail. You will miss deadlines. Your customers won’t understand your features. Your customers will get confused about the project. It’ll have bugs and you’ll have miscommunication with your team.

Things will go wrong.

Rather than getting paralyzed by the fear of failure. Embrace it and plan for it early in the roadmap of your application development. The sooner that you can fail — the cheaper it will be for you. It is cheaper to make a jpg of a design than to develop the api and application. It is even cheaper to get people to sign up for a coming soon page than to design an application screen.

In other words, don’t jump to the end.

I repeat. It’s cheaper to do the first things first and check it off as you go.

This is what you do if you want a profitable app.

  1. Make sure its something people want.
  2. Make sure you have the whole concept.
  3. Make sure you plan for what it would take to minimally meet what people want.
  4. Make sure you have the minimum features documented.
  5. Make sure that there is a good and easy way for users to interact with the app.
  6. Make sure its built well.
  7. Make sure that you’ve launched it right.
  8. Make sure you plan for future releases.

Don’t move to the next action until you’ve failed at the current action or are happy with the result.

Its a small chance that your first idea is going to be something your customers will love and pay for.

Treat your failures as gold.

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