“Bumping” your email to top of your prospects inbox.

We’ve all done it, we click on a website and scroll around, only to find out the product isn’t a good fit for us, so we leave. For the next few months, we see the same 250x250 pixel image inviting us back to the website.

When you follow-up with a prospect to bump your email to the top of their inbox, you are the ad retargeting of sales. You’re annoying and wasting your time.

The Amazon Way

As I looked at a tennis racket on Amazon, they followed-up with this email. Yes, it allows me to go back to the product I was looking at, but it also gave me suggestions of other rackets, they offer me new information.

As a salesperson, you have the power to 10X this level of value because you have even more context, so think before you send your next follow-up — is this different, new, or valuable? Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time.