Context is Overrated, I Prefer Relevance.

Hi Stephen, I read your article about xyz and I really enjoyed it. I’m reaching out regarding (product irrelevant to the article)…


Sales Rep Adding ‘Context’

These e-mails are incredibly frustrating to me and they are due to the buzzword “context”.

A rep decides they want to reach out to you, sees your article, and decides to mention how they read your article as “context”.

The only thing that doing this does effectively, is prove that you are human

Context - Relevance = CAPTCHA

If you are going to mention an article, Linkedin post, quote, etc, it must be relevant to the thing you are reaching out about.

If I write a post on Linkedin about the difficulty of finding good SDR’s and you place SDR’s, then mention the post. However, if you sell an irrelevant product, you mentioning that post is completely pointless and is simply an attempt to prove that you are human. In my opinion, this takes away from your credibility.

Instead of context, find a way to show relevance. How is your product relevant to the business I am in, or the content that I have shared?