Dimensions Network Presale: How to Participate.

The Dimensions Network Presale has started. 
Bonuses are up for grabs during the presale period, so act fast!

Presale Start: Friday 27th October — 06:00am UTC
Presale End: Saturday 4th November — 06:00am UTC

Background Summary:

Dimensions Network are issuing a new cryptocurrency, the StrikeCoin (STC). Token holders will receive 15% of the trading fees from the Dimensions Network trading platform in the form of Ethereum tokens deposited directly into their Ethereum wallets.

To Participate in the Pre-sale:

  1. Make sure you are using a compatible Ethereum wallet
  2. Visit the Dimensions Network official website
  3. Send ETH to the official presale contribution address
  4. Check your reserved StrikeCoin balance

Compatible Ethereum wallets

StrikeCoin is an ERC-20 token and is built on the Ethereum network. Some well-known wallets which support ERC-20 include:

MyEtherWallet (Web) 
MetaMask (PC) 
Mist (PC) 
Parity (PC) 
imToken (iOS + Android)


Do not send ETH directly from an exchange (Kraken, Bittrex, Coinbase, etc.)
Do not send ETH from a “Contract Wallet” that doesn’t support ERC-20. If in doubt please contact us to verify that your contribution will be ok.

Exchange Rate:

STC token is available at an exchange rate of 1 ETH : 800 STC. In addition to this, we offer a bonus to recognize our presale contributors.

Please note that during the presale we have a minimum contribution of 10 ETH. There will be no minimum contribution for the ICO.

Less than 50 ETH receives 15% bonus
50 to 100 ETH receives 20% bonus
100+ ETH receives 25% bonus

If you already own ETH, then you’re ready to go, just make sure it is in a compatible wallet.

Otherwise, you’ll need to get ETH in order to contribute. You can use a popular exchange like Coinbase to buy ETH, or use a service such as Shapeshift to convert other cryptocurrencies into ETH.

Contribution Steps:

  1. Visit the Contribution Page
  2. Enter your details and accept the terms and conditions
  3. Copy the official Ethereum Contribution Address from the official Dimensions Network website
  4. Submit your transaction on the Ethereum Network using your preferred wallet. (If asked, “Gas Limit” = 300,000. “Gas Price” can be left as default

Note that we will only publish the Contribution Address on our website. https://dimensions.network

Check your Strike Coin Balance:

After sending ETH, please allow 5–10 minutes for your transaction to be fully confirmed on the Ethereum network.

Enter your Ethereum Address onto our Reserved STC Balance page to see how many StrikeCoin tokens you will receive. All pre-sale tokens will be available in your account before the main ICO finishes.

Any extra contributions you make during the pre-sale period will add-on to your balance. Your total tokens may even qualify for a higher bonus level if you decide to increase your balance before the end of the pre-sale.

Thank you for supporting Dimensions Network

We are here to answer any of your questions. Contact us on our favorite social channel, or email us:


Official Dimensions Network ICO Webpage