Coram Deo. Greetings!!!

May has served as a profitable time for my refreshment as i plan to begin work again this June when the two Universities simultaneously open. I have been graced with a whole month full of visits to my parents and friends, hosting friends we have long seen each other, catching up on my book readings, and also my Bible reading. Let me allow the pictures to do the talking….

Some close friends got married. (Mike and Eunice Muthama). Best regard.
Interns Graduation.
Bike ride with friends.
The last Bible study for the semester.
Two Birthdays for great friends.
Another wedding for Joseph and Racheal Muraya

Prayers :

  1. Grace to share the Gospel and follow up discipleship with the students in both universities.
  2. Personal growth and perseverance in the faith.

Grace and Peace.

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