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Videesha Kunkulagunta

Very useful compendium Videesha.

You’re spot on that there is a gap here. Little in the way of really substantive leadership and insight into what makes a great cloud / saas business investment, something that’s well served in US by likes of saastr.

A starting point is for the VCs and the individuals that make those VCs up to start sharing their investment theses — such as Martin Mignot on his blog. But what next? How much are they prepared to share on what works and what doesn’t. Lessons learned the hard way from within their portfolios, etc.

How do you start with the end in mind — working towards a clear vision but with a short term plan? What examples have we seen in our portfolio of great product market fit and what lessons have we learned? What are the indicators of economic success and how do we drive higher margins on existing clients? What is the make up of teams pre and post investment, etc, etc.

By the way, www.notioncapital.com/category/blog/ is pretty good consolidating their opinions but also of their wider network (including me!).