How And Why I Hired A Killer COO Out Of >250 Applications With This 4-Step-Process
Feliks Eyser

At the risk of sounding pedantic; I’d like to point out a couple of typos.

At the start of your second paragraph after your second heading; you said:
“ The qualities got me quire far…”

In the following bullet points you say:
“ and could very rarely been met”

In the bullet point that starts with “… mandate 5–6 external recruiters”
“ and will advice against it”

In the next bullet point; you have some oddish language:
“ Maybe it’s interesting for yourself” and further down..
“ incentive all our 200+ employees”
and “ More eyes in the room meant more different perspectives”

Actually… I’m going to stop here. I’m starting to feel like I’m really nitpicking.