Operation Frankish

In the spring of 2016 I was unfortunate enough to chance upon a piece of footage released to the media by the RSPCA (UK).

Since the footage is a matter of public record I shall include it here along with the warning that it is graphic in nature;


Both individuals involved were caught after the SD card containing the footage was handed in.

They both received non custodial sentences and were ordered to pay deristory costs.

I have heard of and known of many disturbing things in my life but the profound evil that I witnessed during that video evidence will surely rank as one of the most chilling events I have ever seen.

I had a choice. I could do what the overwhelming majority choose to do when a story of this type breaks — vent on the Internet. But this is impotent since it alters nothing and the offenders themselves are most likely not reading the ire of the people on social media. And if they are reading it? Being they are sadists at their core I would hazard an educated guess that it energies them even further.

The same is true when people understandably express genuine sorrow and grief in reaction to such a story breaking. While it may be impossible to coach the general public not to wear their sorrow so openly, in a sense it would be the logical thing to do. You can rest assured that the sadist will be empowered by that which wallows in sorrow, however just that sorrow might be.

None of those options seemed attractive or productive to me. The reason why this phenomenon has grown and become more extreme in the UK is that the law here is inherently weak when it comes to punishing certain classes of offenders.

Those caught in possession of extreme child abuse material would be one class of offender treated with breath taking leniency in the UK. And those who inflict grave pain upon sentient animals would be another class of offender who are given a virtual free pass.

When a nation is overtly soft on a particular class of offender it naturally serves as clear message that the offence in question is not that big of a deal. Any time this country permits convicted sadists like Andrew and Daniel Frankish to not only retain their liberty but take on new names then justice loses and evil wins.

Those who have had the intestinal fortitude to watch the video evidence that condemned them can clearly see that both would be a danger to any child, elderly or otherwise vulnerable person — not merely pets.

A well established sign of psychopathy is cruelty to animals.

I am not from an animal “rights” background. Something of this dark and unique nature is not even an animal rights issue per se. Fox hunting or slaughter house conditions could better be described as such.

This is more an issue of extremely dangerous individuals who are habitually allowed to leave court and live in any neighbourhood they so choose, without the neighbours even having any idea what they have next door.

As I surveyed the landscape I decided that what the UK lacked was proper and concise advocacy for a specific goal relating to this matter. 
There are big animal charities, but they are in various degrees of disarray and often run more as a business. The CEO of the RSPCA and his Scottish counterpart at the SSPCA are each paid over £200k per year for their services. This is around three times more than what the PM of the country earns.

Moreover, both have existed for over a century and in all of that time it was clear to me that the one thing they’d never been able to achieve was to lobby and pressure Government to radically increased the sentences for those convicted of such nefarious and abominable acts.

It was with all of that in mind I created a bespoke and very specific pressure group, which in its one year or so of existing, managed to generate more press and more intensity than it had any right to, considering our often miniscule resources.


For those interested in reading of our past actions, Google will return you 350,000 search results and Google news will give you a good back drop.

Despite the fact that we have punched well above our weight in terms of press and pressure, a year one the team who are all volunteers have arrived at various interesting conclusions and observations.

Here are some.

Many people are predisposed to believing that the original sadism can somehow be negated by use of sadism (presumably against the sadist). While by no means desiring to be be at all easy going with such offenders, I cannot help but to find expressions of sadism to be just a few notches down from the sadism being objected to. I have never been at ease aligning myself or being seen to approve those kind of thoughts and expressions of thoughts.

The vast majority of people who say they want the status quo to change are not prepared to work for it or make any sort of sacrifice to achieve it. This probably explains why they do not have it in 2017.

They appear stuck on a cycle of either rage or sadness, and are almost resistant to anything strategic that offers direction, plans and a path way to success. Both the rage and sadness pass until the next story and the one after that — ad infinitum.

One wonders if people are in fact addicted to the shock value and a fix of ‘two minutes of hate’ as opposed to any composed and rational desire to fix a problem that is long over due for fixing.

I truly fear for the future of the British people and not merely down to this. I fear for them because its not merely that many serious issues have no proper advocacy — its the fact that when handed agency the people themselves still have no idea what to do with the mechanism that they have been given.

Consciously or otherwise we have become statists, with an over reliance on the state to initiate everything.

The general public would have you believe that its the fault of a Government that these very dangerous individuals are not locked up.

While it is true that the Governments place their own citizens in danger, it is also true that its the over reliance on state and the lack of persoan responsibility or community action which permits the most deviant and predatory individuals free reign in this country.