We are all going somewhere…

… but where?

Sat on the train to London earlier in the week I looked around

Everyone had an agenda. Either typing away on their laptop. On a call. Speaking to their <fill in the blank>. Sleeping

My laptop was open but really, nothing much was going on. The WIFI was down. But hey. Does our World revolve around connectivity? Meh

Attention shifted to pondering about our World

It was scorching hot day. The aircon on the train wasn’t working. Or so it seemed. It was 26 degrees outside

Looking out the window and looking back into the carriage was relaxing. Everyone was going somewhere. To do something

Whether to holiday. A crucial business meeting. A spur of the moment trip to see a friend. A billion pound deal. Who knows

The same thoughts occurred to me on the tube from the office

Looking around, people were asleep. Listening to music. Taking in the environment like I was too

The cool breeze from the open window. The busy nature of the carriage. A specific individual of interest

Whether this is a new ‘feature’ of mindfulness practices I do not know

I found myself pondering what others journeys could be leading to

They were all going somewhere. To do something


… why would they have been there?

I don’t know

I wasn’t sure of the purpose of this post prior to writing. Now it is semi-clear

My journeys over this last week have been in an almost entirely present state. This is something new for me

… lets see where it goes!

Maybe you should too. Remove your headphones. Close the laptop. Just sit and contemplate. Enjoy!

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