World Emoji Day: your favorite holiday you didn’t know existed

Right up there with Peach Ice Cream Day — also celebrated today!

Image via The Washington Post

If you, like me, often scroll through the seemingly endless list of cute, typable icons known as emojis trying to find the right one for that perfect situation, you too have no doubt stumbled upon the calendar emoji.

You know the one, the emoji that resembles a tear off calendar with the giant bold “17” in the middle and “July” at the top.

Well it turns out, there is actually an emoji holiday each July 17 solely due to this once a year moment where the real life date matches the date on the calendar. It’s kind of a big deal.

And so, since today is July 17, World Emoji Day is here.

Now usually, not too much happens on this day besides maybe the occasional extra emoji shamelessly sent, but this year had some surprising announcements and events take place.

Starting off the day, tech giant Apple lead the way by previewing some of the latest emojis coming to its devices later this year.

via Apple

Among the newcomers to the emoji family are a woman wearing a headscarf, a bearded man, a T-Rex, a breastfeeding woman and much more.

Apple CEO Tim Cook even made sure to wish everyone a happy World Emoji Day — seemingly giving the day its biggest shoutout ever.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also decided to join the celebration by revealing some interesting statistics on the social network’s most used emojis. Although no numerical data was shared, it’s probably no surprise that the “crying while laughing” emoji topped its most used charts.

Zuckerberg also shared a map showing the top emojis used in different countries around the world.

via Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook

Perhaps the most surprising event for the day took place at New York City’s Empire State Building where the typable icons’ special day was honored with a celebration and promotion of The Emoji Movie (yes, there’s an emoji movie) due out July 28th. The famous building was lit with yellow lights — the color of a default emoji.

Image via @JakeTAustin on Twitter
Image via @EmpireStateBldg on Twitter

So happy World Emoji Day from me to you. 🎉🎉🎉 Hopefully next year’s 📅 will be just as eventful. 🤞