How to use Convertkit: Create and embed your first email list opt-in form (easy!)

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Main Points from Video

OK, so just to recap some of the points made in the video, I chose Convertkit over AWeber because I find it much easier to use and also more intuitive.

So if you’re a beginner or a first timer with e-mail marketing, Convertkit is definitely worth that extra bit of money because it’s so much easier and less frustrating than the other ones I’ve used. I’ve also used Mailchimp (don’t waste your time).

If any of the points in the video are unclear, please drop me a line and I will help to solve them — just ask!

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Otherwise, enjoy and happy email marketing and passive income generation!

Any questions, drop me a line!

Key Points in Video With Timing

01:02 and price check

01:52 Create account

02:03 My wife sneezing!

02:30 Checking my email to find reactivate link

02:55 Reactivated my account

03:20 Log in to Convertkit

03:30 Entering the main website I will use with my Convertkit account

03:50 Reply-to Email Address for Convertkit

04:15 Convertkit Landing Pages: Subscribers & Sign-ups overview

04:35 Create a form for opt-ins on my WordPress website

04:45 Difference between Convertkit Landing Page And Convertkit Form

05:08 Email opt-in forms which are available

05:25 Customising the text of my first opt-in form

06:25 Main settings for my opt-in form

07:40 Embed the form into a WordPress website

08:06 Use Convertkit plugin for my WordPress website

09:15 Searching for the Convertkit plugin & activating it

09:32 Finding the Convertkit plugin for WordPress: it appears in Settings

10:00 How to get Convertkit API key to use with WordPress

10:54 Using the Convetkit shortcode to embed the opt-in form

11:20 Adding my first opt-in form to a blog post article

13:00 How the form looks on the page at the end of the blog article

13:30 What I think of Convertkit

14:00 All done in 14m27s!

Originally published at on January 11, 2017.

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