I do whatever I want at work and I haven’t been fired yet
Noah Lorang

Yes — that’s exactly how to keep staff motivated and loving their job!

This level of autonomy affords permission to team members to make decisions with carefully calculated risks in the knowledge that they will be accountable for them. Doing this invests team members in the work they do, allows them to contribute to a common goal rather than simply doing the hard work to achieve the founder’s personal vision. It builds trust and respect throughout an organisation.

What’s more it will quickly highlight team members without the skills or willingness to take responsibility. This could be down to a lack of commercial awareness, experience of risks etc. which can then be addressed through training/mentoring. It could also be down to a “bad fit”.

Ultimately a great team needs everyone to take responsibility for their own actions and speak up when they need advice. Starting from a position of trust is a good way to support build a great team and can help free the top decision makers up to lead the organisation forward.

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