What is Crooked Media?
Crooked Team

Let me start by stating I am not a supporter of either candidate, indeed I was repulsed that out of 300 million plus people this was the best set of candidates that could be fielded. Election Day was hold your nose and push the button. So what do I view as crooked media? A clue is the paragraph above, where the Democratic Party is viewed as “our party” — honest media shouldn’t have a party, otherwise how can you be objective? Crooked media searches video frame by frame to find the most contorted facial expression, then splashes it everywhere. Crooked media becomes hysteric over a 15 year old video showing one candidates human failings, but ignores the stories from secret service and military personnel who were charged with protecting the other candidate. Crooked media fixates on their own “noise” (polls, pundentry, analysis) and largely ignores what people on the street are thinking and what issues are of concern to John Q. Public. Instead of being objective chroniclers and analysts of events and issues that constitute news, crooked media becomes an active participant in events.

As a result, crooked media’s propaganda content became overwhelming, and I tuned you out, relying on other sources such as the BBC, WSJ and Wikileaks. Crooked media may lament the rise of fake news, but you only need to look in the mirror to see who created the market for this rubbish.

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