How to build a website using eCommerce software?

For anyone who has never launched an online store, it may seem high very confusing and difficult. But there are many options available that allow you to create your online business, so it is difficult to select the best. What is important before creating a store define your business goals such as sales volume you want to make each month, the types of products offered in the store, a marketing plan and the payment methods you will accept.

Here we have described, How to build an online store…

The registration and hosting of a domain name

Get a domain name that is short and easy to remember would be ideal, also the name that follows a dot com is better to be easily recognized as an online business. Choose a web host that provides enough disk space and bandwidth to host your website and e-commerce website software. Have at least 100 MB of space, and up to 5GB of bandwidth per month if needed. Make sure you can receive technical support within 24 hours.

E-commerce software

The e-commerce software to create website must be hosted on your own web server. This allows a more personal control and also keep it for yourself through the administration panel access. Often, you can build a website yourself using the default template or hire a web designer to customize to create a unique design. If you use the free, open source software such as Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart or costs will be only the domain name, hire a web designer and professional web hosting. However, premium Magento themes and opencart templates will add more value to the design of your online store.

Add your products

If you have hundreds of products can be a good idea to create an Excel spreadsheet to list all variables of its products, as this will help your product to be sorted on the store.

Accept online payments

The easiest solution to accept payments online is integrating its e-commerce software shopping cart PayPal. This allows you to accept payments online without having to buy a merchant account, payment gateway or shopping cart separately.

Test your online store

Once you have built your online store and added that all its products is the time to test its functionality. Act as a client passing through the purchase and payment process to check for errors. On the other hand, find someone who is not familiar with buying products online and see how easy it is for them to complete the sale.

Promote your store and Monitor your site stats

Your online store will not generate any sales, unless that drives traffic to it. Add quality content on a regular basis, SEO, PPC, SMM, etc. will help you on this issue. Additionally, Your web hosting plan usually includes site statistics, which shows you the number of users of your site receives on a daily, weekly, monthly, annually. Also, it shows you where your visitors come from and what key words they use to access their website. This helps you monitor the progress of marketing your online store.