And so it begins…

Today I completed the first module in the GetSmarter course Fundamentals of Cybersecurity. There were some interesting videos on the history of cybersecurity, showing some things I had not heard of or not considered before.

The quiz at the end left me confused and uncertain as to whether or not I have learned anything. I feel that I was not in the same frame of mind as whomever set the questions, and was found myself frustrated at the wording of some the questions.

There was a question about whether or not a framework was a legal requirement, but I don’t recall this being covered in any of the material. I answered according to what I can recall, and that frameworks are essentially a guide. I’m interested to see what result I receive for that question.
Some of the questions have the phrase “Select more than one” above the answers. I was almost certain that one of the questions only had 1 correct answer? Due to the phrasing, I assume that there is a minimum requirement that 2 answers be selected. Again, interested to see the result.

I look forward to the second module that comes out next week!