When the jar broke…

I was not there

When the jar BROKE.

The jar so full of biscuits,

The kinds I really like.

I know the stool under the shelf

Is the one I use to climb.

But I was not there…

When the jar BROKE.

It was not me

Who did a SCRIBBLE on the wall.

I can see it is my crayon.

Yes, the drawing has my name on.

But I wasn’t there at all.

And I did very, very not…

Do a SCRIBBLE on the wall.

No way was it me

Who put PAINT upon the cat.

His fur is super messy now,

I wouldn’t dream of doing that.

But he does look very tigery.

The orange stripes are nice.

But it definitely was not me…

Who put PAINT upon the cat.

It was ME who told YOU

About the GLUE that’s on the rug.

I don’t know how it got there.

I was being good.

I always put the lid on it.

Except perhaps this once.

And I totally did not…

Get GLUE upon the rug.

It was like that when I found it

That MILK spilled on the floor.

I only just came in here,

Hoping I could help with chores.

Yes it does look like my footprints

Leading from it to the door.

But look in my eyes, for I did not…

Spill MILK upon the floor.

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