The Devaluation of Music: It’s Worse Than You Think
Craig Havighurst

Excellent article Craig. As a music educator having worked in the public schools teaching instrumental music I always found that my student’s playing preferences gravitated towards complex music and I took this to heart when selecting music for them. My band students always liked Bach Chorales interestingly enough. String students prefer Vivaldi or Corelli, pieces that express heart and mind as you talked about. Usually I hear the contents of your article from colleagues and musicians boiled down and expressed simply as “corporate music” or “elevator heavy metal.” It’s Taylor Swift, a talented young woman doing the pole dance hip thrust to a click track with strobes and lights just to be heard. I just remember the expressions on my student’s faces after taking them to a symphony concert. The smiles said it all. Most, even though many come from the professional class had never heard a live concert. Unfortunate when the media talks about “success” in movies or music it’s expressed as dollar value. Exposure is the ticket, in schools and some effort in the media.

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