Journalism Losing Its Integrity

I learned about journalism in high school. What I learned was news stories presented just the facts. Opinions went on the editorial page. I read AP wire on my high school radio station, WJEF 91.9FM. We read the copy without giving our opinion of the news story we were reading.

It sickens me that journalism is losing its integrity. Fabricating articles that cause newspapers to make major retractions just doesn’t hurt the newspapers, but also the general public that relies on the newspapers to deliver facts not fiction.

Newspapers aren’t the worst offenders. The worst offenders are television networks FOX News Channel and MSNBC. Opinion is taking the place of facts as most important. FOX NEWS regularly takes pot shots at the “Liberal Press” — CNN and MSNBC. CNN and MSNBC fire back. And it’s MOSTLY opinion. Why can’t we stick to the FACTS?

I don’t watch cable news channels anymore if I can avoid them. And I rarely watch NBC, CBS, or ABC news anymore. I never watch the morning “news” programs on Sunday mornings. I want facts not opinions.

I have my own opinions. I don’t need someone else’s opinion on a news program to reinforce my opinions on the president and the current US Congress. The only things I should be seeing in newspapers and on television news programs are facts — not opinions or fabricated facts — so I can have an informed opinion.

I can only hope that integrity can return to journalism. Unfortunately, I believe we have gone off the edge of reason. False news stories appear on Facebook, engineered to backup uninformed opinions instead of giving people the facts they need to have informed opinions.

If you want to be a journalist, make sure you are presenting facts to your readers and/or viewers. Leave your opinion out of your news story. If you want to give your opinion, do not call it a news story. Your opinion can be backed up by facts also, but that doesn’t make it news. A news story should be nothing but the facts.

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