Bye Alexei :(

Hi! I’m Stephen Cohn and I’m a White Sox fan! I’m not usually going to share my feelings like this on this page, but I want to get a post going and this is a topic that I’m pretty upset about right now.

Stats won’t tell any of the story, so I’m not going to go around looking for stats. Alexei Ramirez is no longer a Chicago White Sox. According to Jon Heyman, he’s a San Diego Padre. Psh.

Alexei was the longest tenured White Sox, nearly with the organization for a decade. There was the time when he didn’t have a visa so he couldn’t travel to Toronto to play the Blue Jays. There were the hot Aprils and the cold Aprils. There were the hot Septembers and the cold entire seasons. His English never seemed to improve and he eventually got lost in mini-Cuba in the White Sox clubhouse.

But at the end of the day, today is truly the end of an era for White Sox fans. Alexei wasn’t on the ’05 championship team, so not that kind of era. But an era of basically anyone that ever played with anyone from the team that broke the 87 year drought for Chicago baseball. He played with Konerko and Buehrle, Jose Contreras and Jim Thome. Hell, he played with Brent Lillibridge. Sure, Sale and Quintana and Abreu got to play with Konerko, but so did a lot of guys.

Alexei often embodied a lot of what that championship team was about: heart, hustle, and being, overall, average. Alexei might’ve disappointed sometimes, but there was that walk-off homer in an near-empty ballpark in April 2014. Alexei was a 2-time all-star, but the disappointing moments outnumbered the great ones. He might’ve been a great defender, but his bat never showed for a full season.

Alexei being gone signifies the end of an era. That era, for the most part, disappointing and it can now be seen if they can move forward from all that.

Bye Alexei :(

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