On the sad state of our so-called “democracy”

Way down the road

A Constitutional Convention is way down the road.

A Constitutional Convention is way down the road.

Correcting the current democracy assumes that we wish to maintain nations and continue countenancing the right to declare war as something we permit, and so forth. It is likely, ultimately, that we should aim for a nearly infinite number of local democracies worldwide and eliminate nations entirely.

As you can see, this is far down the road, but it makes it silly to think we will solve much by a Constitutional Convention in the near term.

Smarter to think about the specific legislative objectives we wish to achieve and obtain working majorities that can do the job. This is near-Herculean, given some of the current problems but it we will never get anything done if we do not rationally determine what makes the most sense, what will work, now or soon.

President Obama outlined his agenda well before January, 2009, but failure was mandated immediately on Inauguration. All it took was Congressional treason. We can and should reverse that. If we can’t, the steam is already rising from the pot within which we will all be cooked.

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