A Dark Child — From Adventures of the Child Jesus

Stephen C. Rose
Jul 14, 2015 · 1 min read


Jesus was a dark child. Darker than most. And slight. Not small but one of those sorts who can eat and drink a good deal and gain no weight. It is said to be a metabolic thing. He was neither popular nor unpopular and in fact was rarely the object of anyone’s attention.

The most conspicuous thing about him was his consuming interest in what we call religion. Almost from the beginning, his interest seemed to be in altering what religion was. He had no desire to be one of the men he found around the synagogue, whose conversations he audited with a critical ear.

Today he might be called a geek. Certainly not a jock. He recoiled from the language other boys used in the company of girls. Joking and ribbing had no appeal. He was transfixed by the beauty of faces, seen more in girls than boys.

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