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Bad Rap on Kindle for What Reason?

First, anyone can have a preference for any reason. I write as a person at home with books that have bulk and heft. I also love my Kindle. No relationship precludes others.

I hope Kindle will be here well beyond me so proceeds from my books can be passed on.

I believe in a new kind of book. Episodes, not chapters. A Netflix sequence, books as series of scenes. Kindle means I do not need to convince a publisher. Or hoke up sere landscapes and salient remarks.

I also like Kindle commercially. It enables writers to get good royalties and readers to borrow books free.

As far as hefty books go. I am all for them, have written them and never will be without them. But for every book I read there are ten or twenty I rarely open if at all. In a world going gadget, weighty tomes are endangered..

Alright, if the piece I am responding to was offered with some levity, so too is this. Sometimes we need a writing break that differs from having to work on what you have told yourself you are really doing.

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