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Continuing posts regarding The Revolution of Silence, a work in progress.

The goal of the Revolution of Silence is a fairer and more just world. It may evolve of its own accord. To the extent that it needs a push, a Revolution of Silence is the best way to proceed. This is literally mass demonstration everywhere in which the “watchword” is silence. It works. It is non-threatening. It speaks volumes.

But what is fairness?

A fair world requires basic income. A financial floor so that no person on earth lacks adequate food, shelter, health care and education.

A just world requires restoration of equality to all who have suffered harm, either at the hands of their own families or of those who have abused them over time.

Basic income may take many forms and involve many methods. The end result must be: Food. Shelter. Health. Education. For all comers.

This is the goal of the Revolution of Silence. Achieve this and all other things fall into place.

For example:

Communities of the Future

Communities that are democratic, tolerant and helpful.

Such communities are largely car-free as explained in Planning and Designing a Good Future: What to Strive for and What to Avoid . (People live within a walkable area with almost all vehicles left outside — looking toward a largely car-free world.)

In #cybercommunities , work is a sought-after privilege. The need for helping hands multiplies when each 200 feet contains every aspect of a city.

Productivity in a world of cybercommunities will leave today’s levels in the dust.

But this can only be surmised if the world itself accepts basic income.

An Economizing World

The Revolution of Silence will herald an economizing world.

We tend today to equate prosperity and growth. Clearly this is wrong. We enable Koch Sprawl that is wasteful, ugly and unjust. We have built a world destined to crumble over a world that can never be reproduced. Prosperity will grow people, not sprawl.

Instead of sprawl we need density.

We need enough density to build vibrant local economies. We need to balance private and public space and make both desirable. We need to embrace a minimalism appropriate to a sustainable lifestyle. These will increase prosperity over time.

“Housing” will cost less. Offices will cost less or be unnecessary. Public space will be tastefully commercial, offering a tenfold evolution of businesses. These ventures will operate from specialized kiosks strewn throughout the cybercommunity.

Transportation will be largely on foot or free slow-moving vehicles underwritten by businesses.

How will we transit to this state of affairs?

By cutting military outlays by half and abolishing all entitlements. These two steps are the quid pro quo of basic income.

What’s the principle?

We will produce quality replicability instead of disposable sameness.

Messaging for Basic Income

Basic Income

This is the main message needed to impress on all powers what we want done to achieve a fair and just planet.

Basic income should be silent statement when masses seek change. Basic income instead of centralized, complex, lawyer-drenched mega-government control. The Revolution of Silence is about people gaining control of governance and living freely and fairly without fear.


The decisions needed to achieve this are not difficult or impossible. The most important is to understand the basic profitability that lies in accepting the #cybercommunities premise.

All prosperity derives from the willingness to live by decent values and operate economically from the bottom up, truly, not rhetorically. Thus armed, we can create communities of up to 10K in areas no wider than a mile, car free and walkable, largely immune to weather and other sources of natural harm. Adequate density and a willingness to accept community values can become the watchwords, not of a new world order, but a growth of diverse but productive communities worldwide.

Think “Moon River”.

The starting point will be basic income. Then the building will begin.


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