Being Loving and Free

Stephen C. Rose
Feb 5, 2015 · 3 min read

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Being loving and free is the best thing there is. It is better than sitting on a pile of money that was made paying lobbyists to avoid taxes that might have paid to save lives. It is more salient than blaring forth with this and that ad that takes credit for fulfilling needs that would be better met by turning off the TV and taking some time to think and meditate. Being loving and free starts with saying, “I am all there is of me, and within me lies the key to who I can be.” There is no one who is loving and free who has not crossed the lonesome valley by herself, by himself.

Suffering is a necessary and obvious aspect of existence. It is redemptive only when we will to overcome it and when we succeed. There is no one who is loving and free who has not come to terms with their own particular demons. We have all been there.

Those who feel they can escape pain and suffering are kidding themselves. It may come in the mind, which is how most love debacles emerge. It may come in the body, out on some field of conflict. It may come by fate or by chance. It may be on a railroad track or lying in bed.

The person who is (generally) loving and free is someone who has mainly vanquished the demons of evil listed above. She does not judge others. He does not gang up. She has self-respect. He is a critical thinker. She takes responsibility and spreads the word.

Tolerance is present and helpfulness, putting others first, is how things are. In other words we are talking about a decent, yes a nice human being.

There is no secret to attaining this high status in the kingdom of heaven or whatever you wish to call the place where being loving and free rules. It takes daily repentance and forgiveness, as we have mentioned. It takes daily attention to three active values — tolerance, helpfulness and democracy. And it takes a hankering for truth and beauty — and awareness that they are one and the same. Yes, it takes confronting the mystery that envelops us all and saying to it — “I know that you are who you are, and that you are who you will be. I can go with that. I am part of that.” It means living with and in a reality we can never fully comprehend, but which we embrace with our whole heart and our entire mind.

Let’s wrap this up. Loving is putting yourself out for someone or something. Freedom is our capacity to choose what we do via a conscious process of considering not merely the values we live by but how those values will make a difference in each successive thing we do. In other words, the person who is loving and free will give time daily to letting that freedom ring.

I like the word decency. It is enough in this world to behave decently. We are the whole spectrum. Only by our exercise of freedom do we overcome.


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