Best priests of all lie deep within

More from 100 10-second prayers.

Best priests of all lie deep within

requiring no religion

They do not harp on wrong and sin

they stimulate your vision

They know that freedom has a price

just as all choices do

They know religion is like ice

it might paralyze you

The priest within might well be you

conscious aware tuned-in

Or you might call this one by name

a name for truth within

You can pray and meditate

without paying a nickle

The one we talk to helps create

a way past any pickle

We all have model human beings

They all have influence

We all accept authorities

Sometimes it’s common sense

But at the deepest place of all

a truth in all of us

invites us to let barriers fall

and teaches us to love

Stephen C. Rose has written a number of books(Fiction/Non-fiction). You can tweet him here.

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