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Not long ago I launched an idea called Triadic Philosophy. It is summarized in Triadic Philosophy 100 Aphorisms available at the Kindle Store.. It grew into several more books. “Cybercommunity — A Handbook” seeks to lay out a community concept based on the values of tolerance, helpfulness, democracy and non-idolatry, integral and car-free.

In essence Cybercommunities are conglomerates of triadic “blocks” that might look like this:

Three 200 foot walkways connected to four security “Town Hall” nodes.

All spaces within a cybercommunity might be arranged within a “block” that brings three 200 foot walkways together at the center. On either side of the walkway would be elements that represent all aspects of a city.

Private spaces that are essentially residential.

Semi-private spaces that are either work or residential spaces or spaces that contain services of various sorts.

Semi-public spaces that can be used for community functions including dining, recreation and education.


Public spaces that include the walkways and the kiosk areas at the ends of the walkways.

These areas are triadic, three spaces linked that fulfill the functions of security, information, and assistance.

Ttispaces. Linked kiosks.

I live in Barcelona — that is the name of my area.

What do you mean by live?

Well, I sleep there. I am single so I have my own private space, like everyone else. But I do not need any more space that is my own. That said I surely “live” in the Cucina where I get many of my meals. And I work at a terminal in a space on another of the walkways in Barcelona. All of this is home to me. So for that matter is the world.

Why is it called Barcelona?

I don’t know. I think we favor place names that probably were home to someone who has lived here.

What if you hitch up with someone?

We would both have our own space. We might buy a space together.

Three spaces in all?

Yes. Anyone can buy up to one extra space to use for any purpose.


I mean whatever arrangement exists. I buy the use of a space and I set it up exactly as I want it. If I move I can replicate it somewhere else. But the space remains where it is. Someone else gets it. It could be stripped and completely done over. It’s a lot easier than buying or selling a house or an apartment.


Private space is soundproof and has many other amenities that make it special. It is a bit like cars used to be. Private space need not be a whole house or even an apartment. It can be a part of “home” in an environment where public space is really common space and where the line between public and private is clear but not so dominant that it prevents the growth of community.

You can see that there are many centers in a cybercity. The population of Barcelona with its three 200 foot walkways might be around 500. A cybercity of 10,00o on four levels would have perhaps five of these “blocks” per level.

Each of the five areas above is a small city in itself — about 500 feet across, And as you can see they fit handily on the four levels of a cybercommunity. Indeed they could fit on three levels with no difficulty.

What are the amenities that make each spoke — 200 foot walkway — above fully urban? Each is essentially a pedestrian street. Each contains full security with eyes on the street. Each contains spaces that function as offices. Each contains squares and circles of modest size that are the equivalent of gathering places in cities that have existed for thousands of years. Each contains full access to health and other service resources. Emergencies can be dealt with with a vehicular solution within minutes. The central intersection in the middle is literally a mini town hall with 24/7 service.

See the Center then as existing very close to where you live.

This handbook is meant to accompany Planning and Designing a Good Future: What to Strive for and What to Avoid

Stephen C. Rose

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