Embedding a Tweet

So I was reading how to embed a tweet on Medium and I had to figure out how to get to the actual address of a tweet. Now you may know this. I did not. To embed, you come to the Medium editor, paste the link and the tweet is embedded.

So I went back and forth until I found a tiny word called Details next to the date at the bottom of the tweet.


Click Details and the tweet comes up as a pristine self that you can then copy the url of and then come to this editor and paste it and then see that your tweet has indeed been reproduced.

I have no idea where this will all go but I know one thing. There is no tech move that may not prove to have a value beyond anything you might imagine.

For example, the above is obviously an ad for a Kindle book. There is also a follow option.

Will it work?

I am not sure but if it does then embedding a tweet here might result in being followed or in someone sampling the free text of the book or even buying it.

All this for following and chasing down a tip available to every soul who is part of Medium and Twitter.

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