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Excluding completes the first phase of what makes for intentional harm AKA evil in our world. When you combine selfishness, mindlessness and ganging up, you are at a point where exclusion is almost taken for granted.

The most egregious examples of this mentality are tribalism and religious fundamentalism. Some fundamentalists would not harm a fly and some in tribes are paragons of peace. But hear me out.

The basis of human rights is that we are all equal. If that is true, then exclusion, the limiting of movement by arbitrary boundaries, is a contrary force that will be eliminated over time.

Exclusion is clearly operative today: from fraternities and other selective gatherings to the posturing of nation states with their anti-immigrant ranks, to the ISISs and Boko Harams of the world. Exclusion assumes the right to destroy life with impunity. It is the value which empowers aggression.

Situations that frustrate free choice and free movement are a challenge to every human. Exclusion frustrates the wish of all to become loving and free.

Ultimately borders must cease to be barriers. We must move past the hoary values of today’s states and nations. The future should move to local democracies serving groups of up to 10,000 living in car-free cities with a reclaimed earth at their door.

We need a completely mobile global existence. We need to provide everyone with an economic floor. We need a significant leveling of income and a radical reduction of investment in weaponry and business of war.

The deeper we get into evils, the more challenging the prescription for attaining health. There is no excuse for a world in which exclusion dictates the charade that is today’s puffed-up politics. The sovereign nation state is exclusion writ large.

What should be large in the future is the means to connect a multiplicity of local democracies, the services that support the growth and health of local franchises and the protection and security apparatus needed to ensure the sustainability that will enable life in the years to come.

Human beings have the right to not be crowded into extinction. The right to mobility should be limited by the needs of a community not to be overrun.

Human beings have the right to gainful work. Communities need to be dense enough to make such employment possible.

These matters will, I believe, be resolved by a movement to a world where car free communities dense enough to be economically viable, replace the unproductive sprawl of the present.

Triadic Philosophy is nonviolent but at the same time unwilling to concede that there are not times when violence must be met with force. Evil must be enveloped and suppressed but this is done only when the grounds are based on the universal values that have been carefully chosen to reflect what we believe to be the truth and beauty inherent in the teleology we embrace.

To put this in less philosophical terms, there can be no brief for evil that is pernicious, exclusionary and that contradicts every good value in our spectrum.

In the future evil must be met in ways that are proportional and then only after the ways of Sherlock Holmes have proved incapable of budging the ISISs and Boko Harams of the world.


This is from a new Kindle book called Universal Good and Evil.

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