How To Be Number One — Concluding “Open Source Individuals”

Stephen C. Rose
Apr 21, 2015 · 5 min read

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Under the influence of Charles Sanders Peirce, I launched an idea called Triadic Philosophy. It is summarized in the Kindle book Triadic Philosophy 100 Aphorisms . A free sample can be accessed by clicking Look Inside. Triadic Philosophy grew intoseveral more books outlining specific methods of triadic meditation and thinking. “Open Source Individuals” is among several follow-up texts that examine expressions of, and propose actions related to, triadic thought.

How To Be Number One

Here’s a prompt which has the merit of being all certified, good values.

If you embrace all of these values you will be on your way to knowing what the coaches out there call your passion or your niche.

I would not want to leave you empty-handed so let me offer you a small viaticum for your journey.

> Whatever you do include writing. You can be a writer. Trust me. I will write a primer on this at some point, but you need little more than the following assurances. Writing honestly about any experience will interest more people than you might imagine. Using free online means of getting the word out is the best road to take. The best way to learn your own craft is to read good writers.

> No matter what you do embrace a cause. You’re a social being. You know good values. Take up a cause. It can be broad or narrow, local or global. It may turn out to be your main thing. Whatever it is, if it promotes tolerance, if it enables others and if it expands democracy, then sieze it and make it your own. Start a group. Join one. Go online with it. And whatever you do, don’t call it a cause. Be known by what you do.

> Finally, by any and all means, master an art. Whatever it is. It could be making cupcakes. It could be doing graphics of any sort. It could be building things. If you master an art, you have a potential job. a possible income stream and most likely a marketable skill. You may become preeminent in what you do. You never know.

You may find your an answer in any one of these tidbits. Or you may, as I urge, put these in a knapsack to carry with you on your journey so you can one day say, “I’m an artist, a writer and I work on …” whatever your cause turns out to be.

A truly open source individual will so venerate others in the same field that she or he will not care about being number one. There is no number one anything anyway. Number one is a child you will never know. Number one an elder somewhere you will never go.

If you follow the stripped-down, minimal advice here, and avoid eight million voices that want you to do or be this or that, you will be ahead of the game. And you can tell yourself you’re already on the way to being number one.

Peirce Appendix

“642. It is notoriously true that into whatever you do not put your whole heart and soul in that you will not have much success. Now, the two masters, theory and practice, you cannot serve. That perfect balance of attention which is requisite for observing the system of things is utterly lost if human desires intervene, and all the more so the higher and holier those desires may be.” (Peirce: CP 1.643)

“224. … only make a man really see that a certain line of conduct is wrong, and he will make a strong endeavor to do the right thing — be he thief, gambler, or even a logician or moral philosopher. … (Peirce: CP 2.225 )

Open Source Individuals Aphorisms

Open Source Individuals draw from everything and look down on nothing.

Open Source Individuals are scientists of the spirit.

Stephen C. Rose

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