Since most criminals deny guilt, albeit not all, that wasn’t an assumption I would have made.
Sandra Lee Smith

I note that you like me are working for pedestrian safety. We live in a world that makes it exceedingly hard not to become hostile and embrace the worst options. Ideally we would have car free communities that could not even be entered without some embrace of better values. Nor would I assume that anyone whose record bodes ill in terms of violent propensities be allowed free range in such environments. We are far from the point of having a society where we could easily accomplish what I am talking about. But that does not mean we should not be resolute in seeing today’s justice system as unjust and in need of radical reform. If you have privilege you do not do time. If you have no privilege you are jail bait. This is a choice we have made as a people, a society. The church has been remiss in not speaking in unison against it.

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