Stephen C. Rose
Nov 1, 2015 · 1 min read

I’ve never touched Evernote or much else that promises to help me.

The first contrarian was a disoriented male

I’ve never touched Evernote or much else that promises to help me. They are distractions in my book. Another thing to have to deal with.

I have an ambiguous thing about backing up. Maybe the Bard needed it but I am not he. There is nothing that I do that is not ephemeral.

Still and all I do use things that are around prodigally. Like Word and Google Drive and lord yes Medium. I even put such Tweets as others value here, believing with Peirce that a certain consensus makes some thing worth saving.

Evernote is somehow on this computer, perhaps another unwanted Windows 10 incursion. The worst thing about any program is what you need to do to use it in the first place. I avoid that by not using most things.

Do I advise others to follow my practice? Not in a thousand ages. I just write what I think.

That we are time-sensitive is among such observations.

Stephen C. Rose

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