If I had to do everything everyone says to do I would have no time to be as I am

Stephen C. Rose
Dec 21, 2014 · 2 min read

First let me say that personal branding is just another name for permission to be self-referencing. That used to be considered spammy behavior and it always bothered me. We are whole persons by default which means we are a spectrum and we are multi-faceted. We grow into what people call branding because what we do for a living becomes more and more connected to who we actually are. This is excellent for the future which will be more and more local communities everywhere that grow and flourish because of their integral nature.

I want to add a sort of cavil. I do Twitter and I add followers daily and I have learned not to care about all of that as much as I used to. I cover a wide spectrum and therefore am capable of confusing people. How can you have been a committed gambler who also writes hymns and who does not give a hoot how people love with their bodies as long as they do not hurt themselves or others? Life is achieving integration inside and out.

The point is I now really only unfollow folk who do not respond to my invitations. These days I wait about three weeks. Then zap.

I have never fancied numbers. When I was speaking at colleges I always figured if I hit one or two it was a success.

I follow folk who interest me but inevitably I miss some. I live to look at pages from folk with few followers because some have gems and you think, Hey these are better than what I do! When that happens I retweet.

You see I believe I have discovered a secret. It is a simple one. Move slowly and do not insist on doing things the same way every day. Once I allow myself time and flexibility I can trust whoever I am, always something of a mystery, to move along with modest successes along the way.

There is another thing: You never know. It is a complete mystery to me why some things work and others do not. But I do know that it is probably a waste of time to try to find out. Why? Because formulas are a bore.

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