If it works with mouthguards, why not books?

Stephen C. Rose
Dec 22, 2014 · 2 min read

Most every morning a new future opens. An idea is generated by an anxiety and then massaged by something you read. And then it becomes a kernel in a response. That seems triadic to me.

In any case I woke up wondering if the future of commerce was/is not going to become both local and global but, in the most important sense, individualized. I write books. I am a whizzbang writer. I can write you anything and send it by return mail.

If I send you a writing, one to one, I can customize it. If what you want is a song for your kid’s birthday, hey, send me a name and a few ideas.

Why am I trying as a writer to do it the way everyone else does? When all I need is a list (say 190K Twitter followers) and an email address? Why have a middle-person at all? Would it work? That is all that matters.

Oh, and getting paid. Why set a price? Why not suggest you pay me what you like. It is easy enough. That email address you have also goes to Paypal. Or if you want to send a check…

I have already argued that copyright is dead. How about middle-persons as well? Why will not all economy, or at least some of it, in the future be totally customized to the needs of individuals?

This is what I would call the germ of an idea and like most ideas it is hardly new. It’s just that sometimes you get on one track and fail to know there are other tracks that might make more sense. That triadic stuff again.

The first word in customer is custom.

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