Lust is hardly a deadly sin in itself

Stephen C. Rose
Dec 3, 2014 · 2 min read

Lust is hardly a deadly sin in itself.

Lust is nothing but an extension of what happens when you get turned on by someone or something. It is the desire to achieve release in some way.

It may have the meaning of desiring when desire could lead to harm, But unless lust leads to harm it is hardly evil. It is normal. It is what happens when one feels attraction.

We create all manner of illnesses and syndromes because people assume that their feelings are evil in themselves. But evil only exists in manifestation, in action, in consciously hurting oneself or another.

Evil is thus the product of a heart that inclines to mindlessness and selfishness, in a person whose values are the product of a world that has ignored the simple fact that the only way to counter evil is in willing values that minimize its chances of prevailing — among them mindfulness and respect for the rights of others.

One of the main “excuses” for harm is the acquisition of mindlessness via the agency of alcohol. Conclusion. Jesus was right. Evil is in the heart. As is good. The difference lies in applying the will to universal values. Lust is normal. Harm should be less so.

    Stephen C. Rose

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