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Apr 15, 2015 · 3 min read

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Not long ago I launched an idea called Triadic Philosophy. It is summarized in Triadic Philosophy 100 Aphorisms available at the Kindle Store.. It grew into several more books. This is the final text in a successor work in progress called “The Collapse of Leadership”.

Murder is a lurid word for inflicting death on another. The only death that is not harmful is one that is accepted as the natural conclusion of a life one is reconciled to leaving.

Suicide is clearly harmful to the living who have a relationship with the deceased. The act comes as an attack, judgment or censure. But a suicide (bombers and shooters excepted) has the merit of being a free act, despite the fact that it is regarded by some, notably Alvarez, as a sort somnambulant oblivion. In any case, this text is concerned with victims, with the murdered.

There is no human right to take another life. No one can give this right to another. Not a state or a nation or community of any sort. Killing may be forgivable but it is so wrenching that it can and should be seen as tragic and in no way deserving any sanction whatsoever.

Life begins when the exercise of conscious freedom begins. This will not satisfy the rigid pro-life person but it satisfies me. Murder takes place when the possibility of freedom is extinguished. A person on life-support with no capacity for consciousness, taken off, is not a victim of murder. Nor is an embryo prior to birth who has no capacity to think and decide things.

The formation of a child is progressive from conception. But the capacity to think requires time. Without treading on the right of a mother to choose, the sooner the better should apply to consciously chosen abortions.

All ethics will benefit from the following chart:

Killing is evil when freedom is killed.

Leadership collapses when this killing is condoned.

What then of today when we have groups with no apparent conscience take life and boast of it? We must eliminate them.

The machinery of war will be used as long as this sort of display is out there. But it is a last gasp. WW2 was the last war that had a worthy objective.

Since WW2 the world has melded in such a way that all “sides” live everywhere.

We still have the full machinery of armaments and militarism. These must now be the target. We must reduce their power, first by half, then entirely. We have many veterans now who will agree. We are not being unpatriotic. We are moving with the continuity of progress.

Is there any reader who believes we can continue (in the US) to plough half our resources into military things while the rest of the world progresses as it surely will without this draconian burden? Is there any nation that could cut its military investment in half and still have enough at hand to dominate the world?

We (in the US) have some serious thinking to do about where we place the resources we have.

Killing will remain the worst thing we can do to one another, after injury and the other evils on the chart. Leadership that helps wipe the globe clean of murderous gangs and clears the deck for a rebuilding of the planet around the triadic values on the chart above and around the principles to be found in Planning and Designing a Good Future: What to Strive for and What to Avoid and Cybercommunities: A Handbook will be on the right track.

Leadership today is a mixed bag. Pressures on it to rethink basics will begin to sort wheat from chaff. Leadership that does not collapse will embrace and teach the values offered here.

Stephen C. Rose

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