My Take on The Best Solution for Medium

It takes two to tango.

Medium and its users, in tandem.

The objective must be authorship and income to both Medium as facilitator and me as the writer.

My method is simple and no secret.

Medium could publish books and make authors of us if it liked. But if not, there are other places like Kindle where an author can scratch out some revenue.

Only if someone will buy what someone writes is one actually an author. That is at least a working definition.


I have taken to implementing a strategy I have developed for some years. It involves using Twitter to build a following. Using Medium both to draft books and to (now, just recently) publish the initial portion (generous) of a published book as a three to eight minute read, depending on the length of the book. Most of my books are priced at the bottom of Amazon’s scale for making books borrowable or free to Prime customers.

This is so simple and so right that I cannot believe it isn’t something users themselves are already doing. Even if people don’t need the income, it is a model which can enable more and more to become … authors.

What will Medium do? Little or nothing beyond what it already does. Make it easy for us to do our work.

An author cannot succeed without customers. Medium cannot succeed without finding a way to compensate us. The choices are obvious. Use Kindle and other existing venues like Smashwords. Or start publishing the work of your writers as revenue-producing books. Make a better mouse trap.

Writers can return the favor by understanding what they are doing is drafting books for which they will earn an income.

This is as smart as Google was when it cut us in on text ads. It takes two to tango. And when there is no tango, what is the point?