This subject is one that I wish would be discussed, but I have little hope, as hardly anybody seems…
john seeker

Reality is part what we know and part what we don’t yet know.

I resolve this by seeing reality as everything and much of it, to us, still a mystery. The notion that any of us can claim full communication with and capacity to describe what may be this full reality or behind it is absurd. What is not absurd is the fact that we each have minds and that within them are will, conscience and consciousness. Armed with such we fashion from our sense of what is universal and pertinent and valuable our spiritual way. For me this involves a daily conversation that is almost continual and which could be described at times as talking to myself and often as talking to one I see as a higher self or — as Jesus suggested in recommending a prayer — Abba, who is a friend and guide and companion. I have little use for New Age thinking. I believe in down to earth everyperson things that can be expressed so that no one has a problem knowing what is meant. I use charts to indicate what is important value wise:

I try to propound things using Twitter, Medium and Kindle. It is a one-person operation so it moves slow as molasses. But sometimes it sticks and that is my greatest satisfaction in life.

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